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TechNet/LANPAC Korea Group

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Michael Burden
Michael Burden

Schedule Highlights:

  1. Tuesday 18 April; 09:30 – 10:30 Panel #1 (Morning Calm 2F): COL Erik Welcome (USFK J6), COL Sean McClure (CDR, 1SIGBDE), COL Les Thompson (8A G6)

TOPIC: Fight Tonight, What About Tomorrow? The Future of IT in the KTO

  1. Wednesday 19 April: 11:30 - 13: 30 Keynote Luncheon (Morning Calm 2F)

Honored Speakers: LTG Willard M. Burleson, 8A Commander; Vice Admiral Yong M. Yang, ROK JCS Director of Support (cost is $100/per)

  1. Wednesday 19 April: 17:00 - 21:00 Social Network Open to ALL w/Free Food & Drinks (Location: La Salud /Texas BBQ) Sponsored by: Various Industry Partners

  1. Thursday 20 April: 0900 - 1000 Panel #5 (Morning Calm 2F): COL (Gwen) Devera-Walden (CDR,411th Contracting Support BDE), Mr. Sonny Hashmi (Commissioner Government Services Administration) GSA; COL Heather A. Levy (CDR Corps of Engineer, Far East District) FED

TOPIC: Contracting in Korea

  1. Thursday 20 April: 1015 – 1145hrs Industry Networking Session (Morning Calm 2F):

TOPIC: Partnership Search/Networking; Company Product & Innovation Presentations. Companies must signup prior to Wednesday close of business. The purpose is for companies who are looking for partners to support their innovations, products or programs by doing a 5-7 minute presentation to the group of possible interested parties, exchange name card information and work to do partnerships which could be from US to Korea and vice versa or US to US, Korean to Korean.


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